Caregivers Provide Peace of Mind for Green Valley Families

Caregivers are central to the high-quality, professionally endorsed home care provided by Home Care Assistance Green Valley, AZ. We recognize their value and maintain the highest standards in employing and retaining top talent to fill this important role, ensuring your family receives the necessary support. Our caregivers are passionate industry professionals, and their journey toward employment with us begins with an extensive interview process that includes stringent background checks, reference checks, and evaluations. Though many strive to begin a career path with Home Care Assistance, only 1 in 25 applicants are hired. We believe our high standard in selecting our caregivers give families peace of mind their senior loved ones will be well cared for.

Our Caregivers Receive Continued Training

Home Care Assistance of Green Valley values career growth for our employees. Ongoing trainings through our Home Care Assistance University are regularly offered to all caregivers in an effort to provide them with valuable information about the latest innovations in home care, nutrition, and topics central to the health and wellbeing of the elderly. These trainings provide our caregivers with the tools necessary to maintain the gold standard of care for all of our clients and make the home care experience more positive and valuable for seniors.

Seniors Develop Strong Bonds with Our Caregivers

Hiring industry-leading caregivers and offering them the training they need to succeed are both important components in our goal of providing the highest quality care to aging individuals. However, a caregiver is so much more than just a professional entering a home. The caregivers at Green Valley Home Care Assistance are an integral part of a senior’s support system. They develop strong relationships with their clients, often sharing common personality traits as well as likes and dislikes. Our complimentary matching service helps ensure clients and caregivers are carefully paired to foster the development of these important bonds. This service increases the senior’s comfort level with the person entering his or her home and provides peace of mind for families as well.

Choosing a caregiver is never a decision to be taken lightly, but you never have to worry about the caregivers you hire from Home Care Assistance of Green Valley. Our professional caregivers are passionate about assisting seniors and helping them age comfortably and safely at home. To schedule a free, no-obligation evaluation for home care services, give us a call today at 520-625-2050.